Our proposal

Hello world! This is delegate dev51 first post – our proposal for ARK community/ecosystem.

We are a team of passionate developers and sysadmins with more than 10 years of experience in the field always researching for new technologies while implementing out-of-ordinary projects, mostly for enterprise clients from Europe and United States.


Our main goal for now is securing the network by keeping online (up to 100% uptime) 3 secure relays nodes and 1 forger for mainnet and 1 node for devnet.

Servers are located in Nuremberg, Germany, hosted by Hetzner.

Rewards and additional Info

Delegate Name: dev51
Delegate Address: AWBW9QD53oArEEEb965KiRxTXDPKv2iWn8
Mechanism: True Block Weight
Payouts: Daily
Small Wallets are welcome
No minimum payout
95% goes to voters
5% reserved for covering infrastructure costs


You can check here the uptime status powered by UptimeRobot or here on our website.

Status Monitor Name Uptime
up API (mainnet) 99.988 %
up Node (devnet) 99.374 %
up Nodes (mainnet) 99.984 %
Updated at 11:51 pm


Use our dedicated contact page or you can contact @Irimia on Slack.