Our proposal

Hello world! This is delegate dev51 first post – our proposal for ARK community/ecosystem.

We are a team of passionate developers and sysadmins with more than 10 years of experience in the field always researching for new technologies while implementing out-of-ordinary projects, mostly for enterprise clients from Europe and United States.


Our main goal for now is securing the network by keeping online (up to 100% uptime) 3 secure relays nodes and 1 forger for mainnet and 1 node for devnet.

Servers are located in Nuremberg, Germany, hosted by Hetzner.

Rewards and additional Info

Delegate Name: dev51
Delegate Address: AWBW9QD53oArEEEb965KiRxTXDPKv2iWn8
Mechanism: True Block Weight
Payouts: Daily
Small Wallets are welcome
No minimum payout
95% goes to voters
5% reserved for covering infrastructure costs


November 18, 2020
0.01 ARK minimum payout
50 ARK minimum wallet balance

July 1, 2021
250,000 ARK maximum wallet balance
10 ARK minimum wallet balance

July 12, 2021
200,000 ARK maximum wallet balance

November 16, 2021
100,000 ARK maximum wallet balance
1 ARK minimum wallet balance
No minimum payout


You can check here the uptime status powered by UptimeRobot or here on our website.

Status Monitor Name Uptime
up API (mainnet) 99.994 %
up DEV51 Node (devnet) 99.999 %
up DEV52 Node (devnet) 100.000 %
up Nodes (mainnet) 99.997 %
Updated at 1:33 pm


Use our dedicated contact page or you can contact @Irimia on Discord.